Summers Baker

Guitar / Vocals

Summers now lives in Denver, Colorado. He spent the last 4 years there raising a Bluegrass band called Meadow Mountain up from the ground. The band was founded when he and his friends decided to try busking at the Vail Farmers Market. Since then, they have worked as the house band on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship, won the 2017 Rockygrass band competition, gone on multiple tours along the East Coast, headlined the Gothic Theater in Denver, and most recently, acquired an official showcase spot at the annual World of Bluegrass conference. Learn more at

It's All about the journey...

“Collaboration is at the heart of why I play music. I’ve long been drawn to the moment when a fellow musician takes my idea and adds something to it that I never could have conceived of myself. The Journeyman Project constantly puts me in situations where my musical ideas are built upon, altered, or expanded, and it is all done through the lens of cross cultural conversation. For this and many other reasons (including eating weird fruit), I love this band”.

– Summers Baker