The bluegrass journeymen perform at the Beatles ashram

Performing The Beatles Ashram and collaborating with the legendary Uttarakhand folk singer Narendra Negi made for an extremely special morning in March 2020. Negi has been composing songs since 1974. He his known for his preservation of Garhwali folk songs and his own lyrics, compositions, poems and songs and is known far and wide in this region of India.
It was a real honor to play the famous “Beatles Ashram” in Rishikesh. This is where the Beatles spent time studying meditation in 1968 and wrote much of the material for the “White Album” and “Abby Road.” Now in beautiful ruins after being unocupied since the 80’s, it is a popular tourist attraction to visit. They said we were actually the first band to perform there since the Beatles!  We hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful video and images captured by Elliot Siff. 

Here is a description of what this song is about : “This song is an ode to Garhwal, its bounteous natural beauty and culturally rich heritage. The song begins with invocation to the different deities. The song praises the beauty of Garhwal hill, major pilgrimage centres, holy Ganga/Jamuna rivers, etc. The song is like an anthem highlighting the history, culture, historical figures and religious places of Garhwal.”

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